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Brian Canaday, Ronnie Able and Jimmy Polston of Bounty Hunter

The Band Members

The members of Bounty Hunter are survivors of the big concert stage, the road warrior band circuit, the full-time local club grind, recording deals gone bad, corrupt or inept management, and all of the things from those environments which devour a band on the inside. Bounty Hunter became a lesson in persistence, though some of their members didn't make it through the journey either by actual death or by living death. The survivors eventually found a way to prosper as a band: by making music for the right reasons and by doing the business of it themselves.

Ronnie Able - Lead Vocal, Bass Guitars.

Ronnie was a touring bassist with Danny Joe Brown and The Danny Joe Brown Band (Epic Recording Artist and late frontman for Molly Hatchet.) His bass work is solid; his voice: soulful, sincere and reminiscent of Brown and Ronnie Van Zant but with more of a tenor edge; his stage stance: confident and relaxed yet appropriately aggressive. Ronnie's influences come from the honky tonks of the Seventies, in-depth listening to country and rock albums, and his time as close friend and bandmate with the late Danny Joe Brown. He has also worked with Jimmy VanZant, The Artimus Pyle Band, and presently works with Chris Stevers and The Marshal Dillon Band.

Ronnie was forced to take a hiatus from performing from 2008-2010 due to lung tumors which had completely paralyzed his vocal chords. The rest of the band stood by him in support. And with miracle experimental medical treatments performed by the staff at the Medical University of South Carolina, Ronnie regained his voice and did so with a newfound expressiveness to his singing. Ronnie Able is the soul of Bounty Hunter.

Brian Canaday - Drums, Backing Vocals, Harmonica.

Brian's drumming style combines the technical expertise of drummers such as Rod Morgenstein (of the Dixie Dregs and Winger) and Phil Ehart of Kansas, with the steadiness of Charlie Watts (The Rolling Stones.) Brian studied Music Instruction at the University of South Carolina, and has drummed with the Josie's Wail band. He also plays guitar, 12-string guitar, piano and keyboard/percussion synthesiers and owns his own Pro Tools digital recording studio.

Brian's sensitivity to volume dynamics enables Bounty Hunter to "play the room" as he listens to what's musically happening on stage and adjusts accordingly on the drums. This has helped to transform Bounty Hunter's music on stage through spontaneous arrangements and improvisation as he trades licks with the guitar. Brian Candaday is the driving force behind the reunion of Bounty Hunter.

Ronnie and Brian are performing regularly with Beaufort, South Carolina's Steel Rail Express. (If we can get a definite URL for Steel Rail Express, we will be happy to post a link to that band here on Bounty Hunter's web site.--your webmaster)

Jimmy Polston - Guitars, Slide Guitar, Backing Vocals.

Jimmy is known for unabashed, beastly rock guitar and slide. Jimmy toured as a guitarist with Danny Joe Brown and The Danny Joe Brown Band, created his own guitar instruction curriculum while teaching guitar and theory at Bay Street Music in Beaufort, South Carolina, and has played in numerous bands throughout his career in New Orleans, Atlanta, Charleston and the Lowcountry of South Carolina. He is one of the founding members of North Charleston, South Carolina's Railgun 526, where he plays guitar, sings harmony vocals and manages their art direction and marketing. Jimmy is publisher of Lowcountry Underground Magazine where he has become known as a source of support for the local live band music scene; the magazine's business is presently on hiatus as it undergoes restructuring. Still referred to by some as "The Mad Jap", he really isn't mad --well, perhaps as a mad scientist-type-- unless someone "steals my photography work or acts like a dumbass demigod. Fortunately, my brothers in Bounty Hunter and Railgun 526 don't have that problem. We've already been throught that stuff with others, so it's refreshing to work with these guys, get on with the business of rockin' and make some cool music for cool people."